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Danny Turner Motocross (70's) and a Race fan

Danny Turner and the Race Fan

I have a true story to tell. This story is about Danny Turner at a Motocross race in Plymouth California. The original Hangtown MX track back in the 70’s. 

 Don’t remember if it was an actual Hangtown MX event or what because I wasn’t there. My Twin brother Todd was there to witness this - One Time Ago - moment and we both collaborated to write a short documentation of what he saw.

Okay so back then Spectators could stand right on the edge of the motocross track to watch a race.

Danny Turner at Argyle MX track in Dixon California early 70’s

And during this one Moto at the Plymouth Ca. MX track, Danny Turner is racing hard to catch the front runners, and at this particular spot on the track, was a fast 50-60 Mph straight section and Danny was using a line very close to the same side of the track my brother was watching the race from and right next to my brother was a very enthusiastic Danny Turner fan.
So with each and every lap that Danny goes by, this guy is shouting. ”Go DANNY!-Go!” and it was obvious that Danny couldn’t help but notice this guy standing on the track each lap holding a beverage in his hand and cheering him on.
With Each lap Danny goes by, the guy moves closer onto the track, and by about the 4th or 5th time this guy is literally standing in Danny’s way!  So here comes Danny making another lap and is racing towards him on the track, and the guy is shouting “GO DANNY! GO!”
Just then this guy finally gets it that Danny is heading straight for him, Danny changes his line slightly to the right to avoid him, so the guy turns to run off the track but instead stumbles into Danny’s path again. 

The guy quickly recovers from stumbling but then freezes for a split second and then… LOL  --  Decides he's going to outrun Danny, so he takes off running straight up the track, directly in front of Danny instead of off the track, .. all the while this guy has got his beer held high in his right hand... Danny at this point is still on the throttle and heading straight for the guy.

Danny Turner at Argyle MX track in Dixon California early 70’s

At this same moment.. The guy is running and looking back over his shoulder trying to figure out where Danny is and which way he is going!

So now picture this... Danny is just two feet away heading straight dead center at this guy, who is running with his back towards Danny… and next thing you see is Danny Scooping the guy up onto his front fender and perfectly perching this guy onto the front of Danny's Motorcycle.

This guy with his butt perfectly planted on the front fender...... went for a Ride!
His Legs were up in the air, and his arms raised to the sky (right hand still holding onto his beer!)

It looked like a balancing act at a 3 ring circus… The momentum of speed Danny was going at that time (about 10 to 15 mph) carried this guy for about 8 feet or so.

With this guy's eyes wide open and his Butt perfectly positioned on the front of Danny’s bike, he was not getting off anytime soon, so Danny instinctively grabs the brakes and locks up the tires and this guy finally falls off onto the track and starts rolling in the dirt (about two rolls) ...still holding on to his beer with his right hand! (beer flying everywhere!)

Danny Turner while still going down the track, is looking back at him watching as this guy is rolling like he’s making sure he’s alright. 

The guy quickly springs to his feet looks at Danny and shouts “I’m ok - I’m ok” and then yells “GO-GO!” waving at Danny to get going with his free hand while holding onto his beer with the other.  Danny who I’m sure was very perturbed by then, shakes his head and continues the race. 

The End

McGills MX track/Prairie City OHV 70's

This is a true story and my Brother says that the guys friends were on the sideline cheering with him the previous laps before the incident but right when that happened they all turned to silence, and also as the race Fan guy was walking away after that incident he was saying “Shit Shit” as he was visibly upset about ruining Danny’s race and looked embarrassed and most likely a little stunned.

I’m sure other people who were there that day saw it and might remember it also, Who could forget that? Their version may be different than this one.  Anyways I’m thinking the guy who was involved will never forget. My Brother wished that someone with a video camera was there to capture it on film. 

I wished that I had been there to see that! The vision I have in my head from hearing my brother tell the story is so vividly hilarious.

Danny Turner at Argyle MX track in Dixon California early 70’s

I wonder if Danny turner ever remembers that day?  I was going to ask him one night at the Fast Fridays Speedway in Auburn California a few years ago where he took up speedway racing for a few seasons, if in fact he remembered that incident, but after a night of racing I could tell he was in a hurry to get home so I just said hi and some small talk and also my friend Dave who grew up in the same neighborhood as Danny started talking about old neighborhood friends from back then. I figured I would catch up with Danny next time I was there but that never happened. Maybe someday I will get the chance to hear his version of the day he gave that over Zealous fan (One can only guess) the biggest thrill of his lifetime! Who knows?  He Just may be the only person in the history of Motocross who can say that he co-rode a race with a professional Motocross racer –IE- Danny Turner, even though it was for just a few short hair raising seconds… sounds legit for the record books to me? My brother said he will never forget what he saw and we both still laugh hysterically about it to this very day when he tells me the story from time to time.

Danny Turner Fast Friday's Speedway in Auburn, CA 2011?

Let the Good Times Roll!

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Traveling Sideshow on my Windshield

The other day I go out to the car, open the door and get in. I start up the engine and as I’m letting it warm up on a nice sunny morning, I notice a fly on the windshield about eye level.  I’m thinking to myself there was a spider in that same spot just last week and had strung a web from my driver side mirror all the way to the roof of the house which explained how the little critter got there.  So this fly is just sitting on the outside of the windshield and I’m contemplating blasting it with a shot of windshield washer fluid or turning on the windshield wipers to make it fly away. I try the washer but the reservoir was empty. I forgot to refill it the other day, darn.

Well just then the fly turns and looks in my direction, hmmm… is he looking at me? I ponder. So I stick my tongue out at it and imagine how that might look to a fly, maybe like a few dozen giant slithering slugs just mooned it or something?  The fly moved side to side as if it got a good chuckle out of me doing that? As I slowly removed my fingers from the Windshield wipers control.  I thought to myself, “Okay well.., I’m somehow now conversing with a fly?” (The way things have been lately just seems fitting) So I put my warmed up vehicle into reverse and slowly exit the driveway and the fly is still sitting there on the windshield in the same spot and as I put the shifter in (D)rive and began driving down the street, the fly turned to face the front of the vehicle and braced itself by crouching a little. As I got up to speed around 25 miles per hour, the fly (he or she?) .... Spread its wings! And amazingly was still holding onto the surface of the windshield?

I sped up to 30 Mph!  …The fly was still holding tight with its wings fluttering in the wind, 34Mph…Oops speed limits 25Mph… I slowed back down to 25Mph, (Honest Officer there was this fly on my windshield and....) lol.... Wow? The fly looked like it was really enjoying the ride, ha! Just then I had to slow down and stop at the stop sign before I turned right onto Douglas Blvd. As soon as I stopped to wait for the passing cars to clear, the fly turns around towards me and stands on its back legs, closes its wings and I noticed the other set of top legs or hands? Were spread wide as if giving me a gesture that looked like it was saying … “Hey, why are you stopping? I’m having fun!”  "He or she was a very amusing and communicative little fly" I said to myself, realizing once again that I’m transcoding with… a Fly.

The traffic cleared and I was able to turn right onto the Blvd where the speed limit is 55Mph! My  newfound little creature buddy of mine turned back toward the wind once again and spread its wings and I swear, it was moving up and down to the beat of the song on my radio! And No the song playing wasn’t “Fly like the Wind” by Christopher Cross, that’s just to cliché, It was …get this...

 Michael Jackson singing

“Wanna be starting something -You got to be starting something”

“Too high to get over! (YEAH YEAH) -Too low to go under!” (YEAH YEAH)

“You’re stuck in the middle and the pains like thunder”

 LOL I’m grooving down the street listening to the music and being quite amused and witness to a fly’s version of the Titanic scene where Leonardo DeCaprio; while on the ill-fated cruise ships bow, shouts “I’m on top of the World!” ….. You had to be there and it’s anyone’s guess and possibly a few psychiatrists’ visits to prove that I‘m perfectly sane and not entirely making this story up? Well, kind of sort of but it did kind of sort of happen! Honest. How do think I got the crazy idea to write this story in the first place?

Anyways … I quickly turned up the volume on the radio




Rock-on little fly thingy! ...




Wow! look at those tiny legs holding on for dear life? Just then I could see it was losing grip, one leg was disengaged and I could tell that it wouldn’t be long before it made a quick exit from the windshields surface. Slowly the fly turned a little bit towards me and just before it dis-appeared… I think it was somehow telling me… thanks? 

Two species from two completely different worlds coexisting and forgetting for a moment that most of the time we can really annoy the heck out of each other, one flying around landing on a plate of food making WrrrrrzzzzzzSTOPWrzzzzzSTOP sounds, and the other widely swinging a rolled up newspaper trying to splat it to smithereens?

“GOOD-BYE little fly guy or gal?” I said out loud in a somewhat sad to see it go voice but happy at the same time because it was amusing to say the least to have witnessed such a spectacle and as I mentioned earlier, yep doesn’t take much to amuse me these days. And when the traveling sideshow on my windshield was abruptly over, I did in fact produce a sizable smile afterwards….

WRzzzzzzzzz YAHOO-WEEEEE!......




 Woooo-Hooo!--- Hee-Hee-Hee! Hee-Hee-Hee!?

If you wanna be starting something and hear the song, click the link below:

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 Yes is has been a while since my last Post.....

Since I had to stop working on the pirate ship playhouse project for the winter 2011 
I worked on an invention idea that I have had in my brain for years and actually completed 2 very nice professional looking prototypes of the actual working game I (UMWA!) Invented.
I tested it dozens and dozens of times and made video recordings as well.  Very cool I must say!  but its just a game and not really any ground breaking stuff so don't get too excited.  another thing....... I can't tell you what it is or show you..... Sorry.....  whats really cool is that the concept that I have and made into a prototype has so many possibilities that I have designed dozens of different versions of games etc that can be adapted to the main concept of this invention.

I have done a lot of research on the patent office website and also the world wide web and can't find anything like it.  I have created a pirate ship game, a gambling game, and designed several fund raising games for events as well as possible amusement type games all based on the main concept of my idea.
And once again I have to remind you that I can't tell you or show you what it is yet.  I''m going to apply for a patent, well actually I was in the process of having a patent application done for me by a well known legal company this last February, and March I was involved in an automobile accident.  it has sidelined me to the point that I can't go back to work.

 It happened while I was working and driving on the road to make deliveries in my work van to schools for the school district I work for. I miss going to work and the people I work with........ They are a great group of people. It's going on 12 weeks since the accident and I'm still waiting for a diagnoses.  I'm seeing a Neurologist in Sacramento and hopefully he will have answers.  I hate what has happened and at times get very depressed and emotional, and then I snap out of it for a day or two.
I have had about 4 or 5 MRI's, several CAT scans, and I don't remember how many X-RAYS.
4-5 trips to Emergency.  The things I do remember and won't forget is the pain I went through initially and what I'm dealing with on a daily basis now.

But enough about that.  This was the Summer I was going to finish my Pirate ship Playhouse Project!
2-3 months and it was going to be DONE! COMPLETED! FINISHED!  4 years in the making and anticipating all winter long to be able to say to the world! "YES I DID IT MYSELF!" Also I was going to replace my roof that I neglected the past two summers because I was so wrapped up in working on the Pirate ship each summer that I didn't leave enough time for the roof... Oops! Then there's the backyard landscaping and fence.....and...

Pirate Ship as it sits now waiting in the backyard

I have had a lot of time to think about things these past 12 weeks, well make that the last 4 weeks because before that it was pain management and what the hell is happening to my body next?  One day its excruciating pain in my neck and head and then the next add numbness to my face and then a whole slew of things started happening after that!  So for the past few weeks or so besides watching every rerun there is known to man and every movie 3-4 times each from the 70's-80's-90's and beyond on showtime, I started soul searching and wondering why me? why now, and what for.  I'm almost 52 years young and have a lot of things to do before I get too old right?  So why this NOW?  and then it dawned on me just today, I know I have had many other epiphanies about life and such and always learning and trying to overcome whatever most people feel hold us back from achieving our dreams or overcoming whatever insecurities or inadequacies we feel we have, but today..... I think I got a small glimpse into why life throws us curve balls and why we have to go through things in life even if it hurts. this is just a small part of the whole meaning of life that I'm talking about here so don't go all mighty on me okay?

.....I have always been a lone wolf type of guy, a do-it-yourself-er and very independent when it comes to taking care of whats mine and what needs to get done.  I don't want to bother people or ask for help because I can do it myself. Unless of course I don't have a clue how to do it, but most of the time that doesn't stop me from trying and sometimes I amaze myself at what I accomplish.

This recent accident has sidelined me pretty good and hopefully I will get better, but what its trying to teach me this time is that there is a wealth of generosity in this world right there inside very warmhearted and honest to goodness people in this world that I live in. they are all around me. Family, friends, neighbors, and yes even strangers I haven't met yet but correspond via email with and are offering to help me with my Pirate ship, my roof, or anything else they can lend a hand doing to help out.  My neighbors mowed and weeded my lawn so my wife who is doing almost everything let alone take care of our special needs daughter didn't have to.
This is a hard one for me to learn but I'm getting it. I have to be willing to accept and receive it.

One more thing..... My special needs Daughter Hanah who is 12 years old came up to me the other day and lately she always seems to know when I'm not doing well and or see's me having trouble walking down the hall etc, and will walk up to me and hug me and tell me that she loves me...........well this time she says

I felt like that was the sweetest thing ever and just wanted to share that with everyone

So I say to all of you -Take care of yourselves and Love Like an Angel

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Danny “Magoo” Chandler

ABC-Superbikers 1982 Video Link

Danny “Magoo” Chandler
A Motocross Champion & Legend

If you were ever a Motocross racing enthusiast or raced motorcycles you’re self especially back in the 70’s and 80’s then you’ve most likely heard the Name Danny “Magoo” Chandler. In fact if you ever watched ABC Wide World of Sports Superbikers in 1982 then you know who I’m talking about and I bet you’ve never forgotten the name “Magoo” after that.

ABC Superbiker Event 1982 LINK

 I started racing Motocross in Northern California back in 1975, and it didn’t take long for me to notice one of the most spectacular motocross racers in the history of Motocross!  He started racing at a very young age and lived in Foresthill California just a short 20 minute ride from where I lived.  I knew him like so many others did back in the 70’s; a guy with true grit and determination to go as fast as a hand full of throttle would take him!  If it meant crashing hard or destroying his motorcycle, then so be it! But one thing for sure, the fans loved him for it.
His desire to race and win was courageous, and Magoo would do things that no other racer would ever dare doing in a race or had ever done before.

Like winning 4 straight Trophy Des Nation races in a row in Europe that no other motocross professional in the history of motocross has ever done before or since then.

Magoo’s former Honda Factory team manager and 5 time World Motocross Champion Roger DeCoster from Belgium.
Roger DeCoster
( I took this Picture)

said that he always had to tell other team factory riders to go faster, but with Magoo and his over the top riding style and subsequent crashing, he told him to slow down. It worked; and Danny Magoo Chandler was the man to beat.

Danny was nicknamed Magoo after the cartoon character Mr. (Quincy) Magoo back in the 60’s who was near-sighted and would run into things all the time, hence; Danny “Magoo Chandler doing the same thing on the race track back in those early days. He had other nicknames such as California Wild child or kid? but the nickname Magoo stuck and would be the one that race fans came to know him as and cheer him on with at the race track.
Hangtown 1979 race during Practice
trying to blast through a deep mudpit.
(I'm one of the Spectators behind the fence upper left)

Magoo was amazing on a two wheeled machine.  Track crews had to cut off tree branches next to the tracks because Magoo was flying through them. One time before a race in Europe, a track official told DeCoster during practice that Danny was reckless and dangerous out on the track, Roger held up his clip board and showed him Magoo’s faster lap times than all the other riders and walked away. His talent and mesmerizing ability to do what he did was…. I can’t seem to find the words to describe; you just had to watch him race to know what I’m trying to say. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who saw him race or personally witnessed his style of riding and they all will claim the same thing…
“IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING THEY EVER SAW ANYONE DO ON A MOTORCYCLE! “  Danny Magoo left an impression on everyone and whether it was his riding style or his personality it was always a positive one and I can personally vouch for that. 

Danny leading the Best of the Best on the start at Carlsbad

Danny was a down to earth person and had a god given friendly spirit and a genuine caring compassionate heart. This would prove to be his saving grace later in life.  I didn’t know him as well as his close friends and family did, but like thousands of fans from all over the world, I have my own stories to tell.
But before I begin my personal stories, I have to let you know, if you didn’t  already,  Danny “Magoo” Chandler at the age of 50 passed away this last October, 2010, (R.I.P. my friend) 26 years ago his motocross career was cut short from a fall in 1985, just seconds after winning a Supercross qualifier race in Paris. Danny’s accident left him paralyzed and confined to a Wheel chair after that incident years ago and his life changed dramatically from that day forward. He did a lot over the past twenty six years teaching and promoting racing safety at the race tracks across the country or wherever he could, and helping others who had similar injuries. He promoted Mountain bike races, was involved with the D.A.R.E program with students and also coordinated visits to Children’s Hospitals with Top motocross riders as well as being an instructor at his Motocross racing school and the importance of rider safety.

Magoo Benefit race- Danny surrounded by MX Champions who raced that day -80's

Danny Chandler with his Daughter

Brad Lackey, a motocross world champion himself was a good friend and fellow racer of Danny's and I have to give Brad a huge amount of respect and credit for being the one who stood by Magoo and spearheaded fund raisers for all those years since the accident. 

My Brother Todd on the left and Brad Lackey in the middle

 The first time I met Brad Lackey  was at the age of 10 in Richmond at the Richmond Motorcycle Club Track back in 1970; I was riding my fathers friends Bultaco on a circle sidwalk with sand that you could slide around as you gassed the throttle. I was too small to reach the ground and so I had to broadslide with my feet on the pegs, I had just fallen down and Brad see's me and walks over and asked me a few questions I can't remember and then I said hey! can I get your autograph! and he said sure! So I go get the same Suzuki banner that had all the other autographs on it and he looks at it and says... What? a Suzuki banner! jokingly and I said but it has all the other autographs on it. and he laughed and signed it.  (at the Magoo Benefit race in 1986 I spoke to Brad and mentioned the autograph on the Suzuki banner I got from him years ago and said "Now what did you win your Chanpionship on?" and he laughed) I also watched him win races at Livermore (Carnegie Park) when he was still a teen! (After winning 3 Moto’s that day, he crashed doing a wheelie up and around a hill while leading his fourth Moto of the day- LOL) That was also the same track that same year me and my brothers watched the likes of Roger DeCoster, Joel Robert, Gerrit Wolsink, race motocross and got all of their their autographs on a muddy track marker (Suzuki banner) (Still have it)
Funny thing

The first time I watched Magoo race was at the Hangtown Motocross event back in 1976 when the race was held in Plymouth California near Placerville.  
Magoo at Hangtown MX AMA event  in Plymouth CA -1976

I had no clue who this racer was and each time he came by on the track the crowd cheered real loud. 

 I would also see him race at the local tracks on Sunday’s in between my own Moto’s. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the pros race. Darrell Shultz, Donnie Cantalupe to name a few and then there was the guy they all cheered for and wanted to win!  Magoo dazzled them with his hard charging balls out style!  Danny always gave 110 percent and part of that 110 percent was giving the race fans a show they would never forget! He would purposely Roost dirt at them and they would love it.  

I remember Magoo would show up at a Friday Night Motocross race at Sacramento Raceway in 1979 and someone would loan him their MX bike, my brother Todd would toss him his pair of MX boots, and I would hand him my helmet and gloves so he could race that night. One time at Prairie City OHV park (Hangtown) there was a long delay in between Moto’s and so me and a few racing buddies started jumping a flat section on top of a small hill near our pits and land on the other side, so while I was in the air, I see a tire near my head, Yep it was Magoo.  There was the time back in 1979 I watched Magoo win the Then Trans-AM/USA series race at Sears Point in Northern California. (now known as Infineon raceway) Magoo crashed (if I remember correctly) 3 times in practice and crashed once or twice in the first Moto or was it the other way around? To place 8th and then he went out and won the second Moto with a huge lead for the overall win that day!  He told me that he was in tears on the last lap. He bested the best that day! It was AWESOME to watch!  The fans cheered more than I had ever heard at an event when they announced him as the overall winner that day!

In the late 80’s? After Magoo’s accident, I went to visit him at his house in Foresthill and his father was there along with Danny’s wife and young Daughter.  Inside Danny’s living room was his race bike and a shelf full of trophy’s he had won and helmets that he wore during his racing career. Danny and his father and I talked and laughed about the good ol days when he raced the local events and how they used to strap his motorcycle to the back of his dad’s VW bug to get him to the races. Danny’s father was just as nice as Danny, and I remember the 3 of us laughing at some of the things Danny did. Danny was so proud of his then 3 or 4? Year old daughter and he had her sing a couple of songs for me with her toy microphone.  I could see in Danny’s eyes while his daughter was singing, how happy he was to share this gift. 
 I left Danny’s house that day with a heavy heart. I drove down Foresthill road thinking about how good natured he still was.
  If greatness was measured by someone’s True nature and how they handled situations like this, then he was one of the greatest aside from being  a Motocross Champion.


But aside from his amazing ability on a motorcycle, Danny “Magoo” Chandler was one of the nicest people you could have ever met. I had the pleasure of knowing him enough to see who he truly was and will always remember and cherish that the most. My regret is I wished that I had made more of an effort to visit him more often.

Danny “Magoo” Chandler’s family, fans, friends, and fellow racers & Champions back in the day included people from all over the world, and we were all very fortunate enough and Blessed to have witnessed a truly extraordinary Motocross Champion … the one, the only…Magoo.
Danny “Magoo” Chandler


Brad Lackey talks about Magoo

Roger DeCoster and Brad Lackey Talk about Magoo
at Hangtown MX 2010 Memorial for Danny

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Day Roseville & Antelope Stood Sti-- ..... RUN!

Remembering.... 1973 Roseville Train Blasts -

Moving to Roseville California from the Bay area in 1972-73 school year was like stepping back a decade or two in time out to the country.  We moved to PFE road next to the railroad yard into a small shack of a house with our uncle and father and went to the smallest school ever.  Dry Creek school was a Kindergarten through 8th grade elementary school at that time.  It was way out in the rural back roads, southwest of Roseville. 

The school was so small, That the 7th and 8th grade students were all in the same classroom and the teacher, Mr. Anderson I believe was his name, was also the school Principal. We were the new kids (me and my twin brother Todd) and so it took us a few weeks or so to make friends especially when most of the other students all grew up together. We soon made friends and fit into this new lifestyle without too much trouble.

Anyone who lived in the Roseville/Antelope/Sacramento area back in the early 70’s will remember the Bombs!  

Yes the big blasts that shook everything for miles away and blew up railroad cars and leveled homes and a few hundred other things.  It made national headlines.

-On April 28, 1973, Antelope consisted of a post office, general store and a half-dozen homes - a place hardly worthy of notice. However, at 8:03 a.m., a rail car loaded with aircraft bombs exploded in the southern part of the Roseville switch yard destroying the general store and damaging most of the homes.- 

I remember that day as if it were yesterday and waking up and thinking who in the hell is shooting a shotgun this early in the morning? And very close to our little shack of a house and scaring all the farm animals my father accumulated from Denio’s auction.  I was a sound sleeper back then and almost nothing woke me up that early but after the 4th or 5th blast I remember waking up and going outside and my father was looking up into the sky. And then BOOM! Another Blast scared the crap out of me and then I saw it! The HUGE stadium size Mushroom of a Cloud in the air and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. 

The neighbor’s dog who always growled at us came running into our house for cover.  Another blast shook the house and cracked a window.  Just then a CHP officer turns into our driveway and steps halfway out of his patrol car and shouts for us to Evacuate Immediately!  We had barely enough time to get our shoes on when he shouted again that we needed to leave now because their might be poisonous gases in the air. Train parts weighing as much as 95Lbs or more flew hundreds of yards in the air. Some of the trains pieces landed in yards and on houses and vehicles as far as half a mile away. 

In as little as a few hours, 18 boxcars exploded in succession. There were no fatalities, but 48 people were injured and property damage totaled $24 Million.

Some of my classmates lived at ground zero and their houses were either gone, (nothing but ashes) or un inhabitable when it was all over.  A few of my classmates were injured from the blast that shattered glass windows and debris at them.  Most of the families who lived closest to the tracks had to find other places to live.  Our school was closed for a week or two to check for gas leaks etc.   Antelope was changed forever after that day.  What a day that was!

Oh ya I have to tell you about the train yard 30 years or so later at that same spot of the original blasts.  when they were remodeling, and digging up the old railroad tracks to reconfigure the new switching yard, they found unexploded bombs buried at that same location.  They called in Bomb experts and it was decided to detonate the remaining bombs right there underground where they were at.  Now check this out, they had arranged to televise this demolition of the discovered old bombs live on the local news stations at approximately 9:30pm at night one evening.  I lived in Rocklin at the time which was the next town north of Roseville and about five miles away from that location.  So I’m sitting in my chair watching the countdown on Live TV!  321….. and I see the Ground rise where they detonated the bombs and about 5 seconds later my house rumbled and the windows shook and I felt it while sitting in my Chair!  Dude’s and Duddette’s, that was awesome!!!! 

Well that’s a wrap on this blog, thanks for being here and hope you enjoyed this One Time Ago… true story
There’s more like this one coming to a blog near you, I just wished I could remember them in Chronological order?

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Monday, November 15, 2010

~Twine me up Scotty!~

So One Time Ago,

 I’m walking out of a major Hardware store with 4 long pieces of 1 inch wood molding and a bag of small items in my hands that I just purchased with money I work so hard for each week!

Right outside the exit they have a cart with a few things to help you tie down your purchases to the roof of your vehicle or truck bed, such as a roll of nylon twine,

a cutter and red plastic squares to put on the end of your material if it sticks out the back of your vehicle, so you can alert vehicles on the road behind you that you have something sticking out the back of your vehicle.
 I was in a hurry and also my hands were full and I had about 3 fingers free to reach into my pocket for my handy retractable razor knife while holding onto everything.

Of course the 4 long pieces of molding separated and spread eagled at each end while I clutched them in the middle and of course I had to twist my head down and back 90 degree’s to my right to see what I was doing with the razor knife.  I’m so talented; I was able to hold onto all my stuff and pull out about 6 feet of twine and cut it without dropping anything or cutting my finger!  Walla! I scrunch up the twine and away I go.

I get to my vehicle and place the molding and bag of stuff on the ground... Now let’s see……. I need to tie the….Huh???

Out of the corner of my eye, I see this long string of twine extending past my vehicle and the one next to mine.  As I’m looking further down the parking lot I see this same long strand of Twine continuing all the way back to the exit door ... still attached to the roll of twine.  "Wow? that’s a long ways!" I say to myself.

 How did I?.... Dam? …….That’s a lot of twine?

I embarrassingly look around the parking lot and notice a few customers nearby giving me strange looks?
Then someone walks by me from another direction and kind of smirks and I stammer trying to explain what must have happened but he was already out of hearing range.  Next I see an elderly couple getting out of their car, stop at the supersized long strand of twine next to where they parked and the elderly woman hops over it, then looks down at it again and then towards my direction, the couple then both look at each other shaking their heads and continue towards the store,
That’s a lot of twine! I tell myself for the third or fourth time now.

 Frankly 600 feet of twine wasn’t too hard to roll back up into a big ball and place back onto the cart. I’m sure this has happened to other customer’s right? And just in case, that’s why they have that 10,000-ft roll of twine, Right?  

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Monday, November 8, 2010

A True Love Story!

A True Love Story
Many years ago there was this very big Magnificent Oak tree on the side of a two lane rural road.

Directly on the other side of the road was a very young and beautiful Pine tree. 

The Oak tree was much older than the Pine tree as it stood over 30 feet tall and just as wide. One of the big Oak trees branches stretched halfway across the two lane road as the younger Pine trees branches barely reached the edge on its side of the road.

Throughout the years, they developed a friendship for one another and eventually they both fell in love and so to, a yearning to touch and entwine each other’s branches in true matrimony.  But because they were trees, they were solidly attached to that one spot on the earth’s surface that Mother Nature chose for them to grow in. The only way possible for the two tree’s to truly be together was to grow inch by inch, each agonizing year, waiting, wanting, yearning, longing for the day there branches would finally touch each other in the gentle breeze of a warm autumn sun, caress each other in the blossoming showers of Springtime. Oh how much they yearn to feel their branches sway together as one. The Magnificent Oak tree and the Beautiful Pine tree stood oh so close but yet… so far away…. Sniff (Tissue please) Sniff!

Someday my love… The Big Oak tree claimed; we will be able to express our love for one another as we have never done before. The Big Oak trees large branch that hovered over the road, inched ever so slowly towards his precious love. 

The beautiful Pine tree swayed and leaned towards the same center of the road as their Love grew closer and closer together like no other love could! Inch by inch, the years went by, the sun rose and set each day, making them want each other more and more.

Then finally one day, the two trees realized after waiting for so long that they were within a fraction of an inch of touching for the first time and knew that it wouldn’t be long before their branches would finally meet and their Love for one another would then be impassioned more than ever before!

Suddenly The Pine trees love for the Big Oak tree grew feverishly stronger at that moment and it couldn’t wait any longer. Passionately it began with all its might, stretching and leaning towards its one and only true love!

The Big Oak tree, sensing the Pine trees efforts, began swaying up and down with each gust of wind that mysteriously rushed by as if it too sensed what was happening at that moment trying also to help them with the seemingly impossible. Their stretched out branches were now one last brisk gust of wind away from the moment they’ve waited so long for!  At last my Love… we will yearn no more! The Oak tree said softly to the Pine tree! Oh my love, I have waited so long for this moment to arrive… the Pine tree lovingly said.
Suddenly, The Beautiful Pine trees roots started to loosen in the soil that held it so solidly in the ground all those decades and began surfacing up through the ground.

All The many years of waning, wanting, yearning, and leaning, towards its one true Love across the road had weakened the soil around it. NOooooooooo” The Oak tree cries out as it see’s the Pine trees roots uprooting. The pine tree is leaning more and more as its roots surface from the depths higher and higher. Oh No! The Pine tree exclaims!  I’m-I’m Fa-l-l-i-n-g!!

Sadly the Beautiful pine tree falls down across the very road that separated it from the Oak tree, with an earth shattering thud! And lands a few feet from the one its heart yearned for all those years.

As the Pine tree lay there on the road motionless, the Oak tree wept and then a road crew came and cut it all up and hauled it away.  The End.
 were you expecting a happy ending or what?
The Moral of the story?
Heck I don’t know?
OK, OK, here’s one:
Love is just like a tree, try too hard and you fall down?
Or how about this one;
Know where you stand in a relationship, or you fall down?
When in Love, Don’t fall too hard?
Or how about;
If you have to work that hard in a relationship, you’re heading for a fall.
You figure it out and get back to me alright?
Jeez, I just write this stuff; I’m not a philosopher okay?
Written by
Yours truly,
Captain HighTide

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